It may be safe to say that the wardrobes in house are as essential as any other item in the house such as bed, sofa or other important furniture in the house. An astonishing 61% of us don’t have a proper wardrobe in our rooms. Today in this article we will be discussing why wardrobes are so important to have in the room and other characteristics of it. The first and most important thing to decide is whether to have a wardrobe in the bathroom or outside. From years of experience we would recommend the wardrobe to be outside the bathrooms. Since wardrobes are made out of wood or similar material it will be longer lasting outside the bathrooms as the moisture in the bathroom may affect the wardrobe’s durability and functionality. Other than that if the wardrobes are in the bathroom, their usage can be limited if the bathroom is being used. The handling of the wardrobe is easier if they are outside the bathroom. There is generally more space in room rather than in the bathroom.

As in the modern architecture there is relatively less storage space in the house for stores. Wardrobes are built till the ceiling height to add to the storage space.

It is very important to plan internal divisions of the wardrobes as most of us take it very lightly. It is ideally divided in two main parts. The lower part for clothes with a height of 7ft. This may consist of hanging space for clothes, a rack for foldable clothes, a shoe rack etc. The rest of 3ft till the ceiling is generally used for storage.

There are mainly two kinds of wardrobes that are generally made sliding wardrobes and open able. Sliding wardrobes have more space and is more spacious than the open able wardrobes and are very smooth to operate but its maintenance is hard. On the other hand open able wardrobes are easily maintained but have an outdated look to them. Modern openable wardrobes are operated with 3d hinges and can be auto closed with very smooth opening and closing whereas local hinges (patti kabza) are single dimensional and does not auto close.

Due to large amount of interest in wardrobes there are heaps of sheets available in the market that are used to make wardrobes. Internal boxes of wardrobe are made from local good grade sheets such as, mela white, mela grey, mela off-white, (mdf 20mm thick sheets) etc. All these sheets are local made in Pakistan and the main manufacturers are Al-Noor,  Sonitex and Patex. These sheets can easily be bought in the price range of Rs 1750/- to 1950/- per sheet.

External sheets of the wardrobes are manufactured locally and are also imported. There are a large number of varieties in external sheets that are made locally such as, High gloss, Super Gloss, Tactile (matt) etc. These sheets are easily available in the price range of Rs 3000/- to Rs 5800/- per sheet.

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