The hanging lights are widely liked for the dining room area. It is very important that we know our ceiling height while selecting hanging light fixtures. Some of the lights come with adjustable cables and rods while others height are fixed. Hanging lights or chandeliers if well placed can be used in drawing rooms, dining rooms, lounge and double heights. Interior designers have now started including chandelier in bedrooms and bathrooms as well to give them a royal look. The lighting from chandeliers is bright and it spreads.  In the bedrooms however chandeliers are used with dim lights to give a soothing touch. A normal chandelier can be purchased from PKR 10,000/- and can go up till PKR 50,000/- for a decent size chandelier. Chandeliers can also be made on order and can range more than PKR 100,000/- depending on the size and shape of the chandelier.

Ceiling Lights:

Ceiling lights are available in different sizes, shapes and types.  In the hallways or lobbies as mentioned above ambiance light (SMD lights) are used to give a warm and soft look. These lights can also be used in drawing rooms and dining rooms along with chandeliers. COB lights are used in the kitchen and bathrooms where there is more requirement of the light. COB lights are bright and it focuses making the area look brighter in the kitchen for cooking, cutting and in the bathroom for usual skin care. These lights are available in different sizes starting from 3” to about 18” in round and as well as square shape.  A normal 3” cob light can be purchased from PKR 225/- to PKR 800/-. The difference in price is because the COB light that is without guarantee is cheaper than the one in guarantee.

Wall Lights:

As the name suggests wall lights are the lights that hang or are attached on the walls. These lights are to beautify or enhance the look of the room’s interior. Wall lights are available in huge variety of designs, shapes and size.  Size and shape of these wall lights depends on the interior of the room. These lights are used all over the house such as hallways, lobbies, kitchen, drawing room, dining room, bedrooms and even in the bathrooms. Interior designers also use these lights around a painting. These lights are available both that spreads and those that focus but they are mostly used to focus on a wall.  Their main purpose is to enhance the interior or focus some light on the wall.  They are not the main source of lighting in the room or wherever they are installed. Wall lights are available in price ranging from PKR 500/- to PKR 5000/-

Rope Light:

Another very common type of light used in both residential and commercial buildings is the rope light. In modern interior rope light is widely used everywhere in the house. They are mainly used in ceilings all over the house. In bedrooms, bathrooms, lobby, kitchen, drawing and dining rooms in fact all over the house. In modern architecture architects and interior designer have also started including rope lights in the exterior part of the house. Prices of rope light are varied depending on their size of the roll. A general roll of 80 to 90 meters is available for PKR 14000/roll.

These are the common types of lights used in different places in a house enhancing the interior look. This article was to give you a brief overview on the different types of lights used in the house. we hope it has helped you understand the lights better.

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