Constructing your dream house has been a nightmare in Pakistan. A house which everyone dreams of, majority can turn the dream into a reality only once in their lifetime. A dream turns into a nightmare when one gets into the hands of unskilled and non-technical labor resulting in form of financial loss and above all mental stress. Nobody else is to be blamed in this situation, rather the one him/herself, whose lack of knowledge and fine research brings him/her to this stage. As its said “Its never too late”, indeed it is! But to revert the mistakes and wrong doings, extra cost will have to be sustained hence causing the financial loss. Moreover extra time will be spent resulting in time-loss too. Team Overc’s is bringing a series of construction guides to educate viewers about the process of constructing dream house in Pakistan

In a market like Pakistan, 80% of construction industry is in the grip of un-professional and non-technical contractors. General public also prefers this contractor system due to budget constraints and cost savings. In this system the construction of house starts without defining any roadmap and the owner or client is provided with literally no idea about approximate end cost. Secondly workmanship plays an important role in construction of house, workmanship comes with teamwork. In contractor system there is no team available to supervise the project at any stage, hence all the burden of supervision rests on the shoulders of client or owner himself.

Lets have a brief look at other factors that make house construction a nightmare:

  • Insufficiency of fine research before starting the proceedings
  • Starting the work without making a proper roadmap.
  • Compromising on quality of material for saving the costs
  • Compromising on quality of labor and contractors for saving the costs
  • Lack of self supervision
  • Unprofessional teamwork and workmanship
  • Inappropriate behaviors with labor and contractors
  • Financial constraints
  • Improper paper work and agreements
  • Lack of technical knowledge

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  • Okuse Marvellous

    February 13, 2020 | Reply

    Thanks for the review all my life right from my childhood age. When my parents asked me, what I want to become in life, what I want to study. I said construction that I want to be building things like road, houses, railway tracks and all. When I saw this article it reminds me of those times when I am saying I want to go to construction. You did a nice work writing such a touching article.Thanks so much.

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